Alpha Professional

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The professionals choice, the Bridgedale Alpha is specially designed for soldiers and travellers for daily use. With padding around the toes, through the foot, and around the heel the Alpha is made for all day comfort when you need it the most. Built for various weather conditions with a balance between warmth and cushioning to offer the best protection for your feet. Utilising a combination of high-quality cotton with high-quality synthetic fibres that effectively evaporates sweat, keeping the feet dry and reduces the conditions for the formation of bacteria growth and blisters.


  • Fibre composition: 66% cotton, 33% polyamide, 1% Lycra.
  • Padded toe, padded sole and fully padded heel
  • Specially designed for soldiers

World leading technical sock manufacturer.

Technical socks for Walking / Hiking, Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, and Everyday. Offering the latest in fibre and design innovations for socks used in endurance sports and activities.

Size Guide

Men’s Sizing Chart
Small 4-6½ 36-39 3-5½ 22.0-24.5
Medium 7-9½ 40-43 6-8½ 24.5-27.0
Large 10-12½ 44-47 9-11½ 27.0-29.0
X-Large * 13+ 48+ 12+ 29+

* Only in selected colours