No matter how much planning you do, no matter what the weather forecast says, there’s no guarantee the skies will stay clear on your trek. And when that downpour hits, you need to be kitted out with the right waterproof jacket.

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Any hardcore adventurer will tell you how important a good waterproof jacket is. It’s the difference between an amazing adventure and a freezing expedition. It’s your tool against the elements.

Getting soaked to the skin ranges from being incredibly uncomfortable to down-right dangerous. If you’re on a wintery hike, at a high altitude or just have nowhere to go of dry off, getting caught in the rain can lead to serious health issues. Staying dry is more than just convenient: it’s lifesaving.

Here at Magic Mountain, we stock a wide range of waterproof jackets and coats. Choose from high-quality materials such as Drilite or Gore-Tex, and opt for a style with water-resistant zips to help make your jacket even more weatherproof. Read less