Merino Hiker

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A good pair of socks is vital to the comfort of the best boots... and you cant beat merino wool for comfort, warmth, and its natural wicking and antibacterial properties. With a little Lycra and some added synthetic fibres the Merino Hiker is a great-fitting walking sock with superior cushioning.

World leading technical sock manufacturer.

Technical socks for Walking / Hiking, Mountaineering, Running, Skiing, and Everyday. Offering the latest in fibre and design innovations for socks used in endurance sports and activities.

Size Guide

Men’s Sizing Chart
Small 4-6½ 36-39 3-5½ 22.0-24.5
Medium 7-9½ 40-43 6-8½ 24.5-27.0
Large 10-12½ 44-47 9-11½ 27.0-29.0
X-Large * 13+ 48+ 12+ 29+

* Only in selected colours