Flameless Cook System

A world first! The flameless cook system uses water to activate a heat pack that will give you 40 minutes of cooking time at up to 194 degrees F per use(depending on heating pack used). This unique product is safe to use as there are no naked flames to get burnt on and there are no nasty fumes created meaning you can use it safely inside of a tent.

Flameless cook is an easy, safe and lightweight alternative to gas or liquid fuel stoves. The system uses water activated heat packs to cook in a safe and controlled way.

The heat packs are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry, easily stored in their packaging within the flameless cook system when not in use, the self-contained system allows you to cook and eat from the same container cutting down on weighty stoves and gas canisters.

The Flameless cook system can be ideal for many situations and scenarios. It can be used whilst out walking or hiking to heat a lunch in the box, or to make a hot drink in the beaker. The portability and simplicity makes it suitable for endurance races, or lightweight camping.

As it produces no flame many people find it perfect to use whilst sailing as a means to easily heat meals whilst on the ship. With its compact design it is easy to store or stow away when not in use, and can also be used for storage of the heat packs and other accessories like utensils between meals.

As it is simple and easy to use, the Flameless Cook system has proved very popular with many D of E participants and leaders. It is now much easier to prepare a hot lunch or dinner without having to handle gas canisters or liquid fuels. The Flameless Cook box can be left whilst pitching a tent and be ready to enjoy in just 7-10 minutes.

The Flameless cook is also great for festivals as more events are banning the use of gas stoves, BBQ’s and other conventional ways to cook due to safety on the sites. Flameless Heat packs are safe to carry whilst camping, taking to festivals, and also in checked bags whilst flying.

Please read all instructions thoroughly before use. Only use in well ventilated areas. Please only dispose of heat packs and used water in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

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