Quietly revolutionary

The Eclipse series has been in our range for almost a decade. Spearheaded by the revolutionary Eclipse Hooded Zip T (the Eclipse Hoody to anyone outside of a marketing department), it has been a favourite with staff, reviewers and our pro team ever since its inception.

The Eclipse Hoody was designed to be the best winter baselayer/midlayer available, keeping out biting winds and cold air without the faff of dealing with masks or balaclavas. Painstaking prototyping to ensure that the hood worked up or down, with or without a helmet, took months, but the design was eventually perfected. In fact, the hood design has barely changed since its inception.

This is a limited edition version of our famous Eclipse jackets, it is part of a programme where we work with our fleece factory in Bulgaria to use all available fabrics, so as little as possible is wasted