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Nailclip 582 Red

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Small Pocket Knife with Nail Clipper


Details make all the difference. As sharp as your style, the NailClip 582 will keep your nails clean under any circumstance. With a nail clipper, tweezers and a toothpick, this pocket knife is the perfect companion for the urban explorer. Be ready to face your next meeting with style, keeping your Victorinox knife attached to your keys or in your pocket.


  • The ideal nail care multi-tool for on the go!
  • Swiss made nail clip with 4 functions
  • Includes a nail clipper with tweezers and toothpick


  • Tools: toothpick, tweezers, nail clipper, key ring
  • Dimensions: Net weight 26 g, Height 15 mm, Length 65 mm
  • Scale Material: ABS/Cellidor
  • Blade lockable: No
  • One hand blade: No
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