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Toe Nail Clipper + Nail File Blister Back

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Foldable Nail Clipper with Nail File.


Keep your body’s most-used and most useful tools tidy, presentable and snag-free with every nail technician’s most essential tool: the nail clipper. To deal with untidy nails and nail beds quickly and efficiently, the Victorinox Nail Clipper shows our applied ergonomic thinking in its foldability, and combination of clipper and nail file. A practical and compact piece that's there for you at a moment's notice.


  • The perfect everyday accessory for your nail care
  • Nail clipper made of stainless steel
  • Includes a hidden nail file and skai pouch


  • Dimensions: Net weight 25 g, Height 9 mm, Length 140 mm
  • Scale Material: ABS/Cellidor
  • Blade lockable: No
  • One hand blade: No
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