Mens Superior 3.0

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Award-winning trail running shoe with plenty of cushioning yet a responsive and lightweight feel. Ideal for racing days.

When it comes to product feedback, we hear you loud and clear! That is why the award-winning Superior trail shoe is back, with a few changes just for you. With accurate sizing, a stronger upper for durability, and a small lateral flare on the outsole for stability, this update takes your perfect trail shoe to a whole new level. The Superior 3.0 is loaded with the same great trail-specific features that you love: a TrailClaw™ outsole, removable StoneGuard™ rock protection, and GaiterTrap™ technology—for a full package, trail crushing combo.


  • New Midsole Outsole
  • Fully Reinforced Upper for Optimum Strength
  • Gaiter Trap
  • Stoneguard
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