Supercharger 5W

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Introducing the FREELOADER Supercharger 5W, the adaptable, portable solar charger that directly charges a full range of electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, GPS and action cameras – just add daylight!


With advanced, high-density solar cells, the 5W Supercharger works in all daylight conditions, and at temperatures from -20°C to +60°C, so you can have power wherever your adventures take you.


Weighing in at a featherweight 340g, the adaptable Supercharger can also be used as a booster panel for the FREELOADER SiXER solar battery pack, significantly reducing their charging time and providing extra power for your adventures.

Charging capability from a Supercharger 5W

  • iPhone:  3 hours
  • E-reader:  2 hours
  • MP3 Player:  2 hours
  • iPad:  10 hours
  • SiXER:  6 hours

*All charging times based on Standard test conditions (STC). Sunlight of 1000 W/m², temperature of 25°C and an Air Mass of 1.5  i.e. A nice sunny day

Included in the box

  • Freeloader Supercharger 5W
  • Freeloader link cable
  • Velcro fixing Straps x 2
  • Instruction manual 


FREELOADER SuperCharger 5w:

  • Outputs - Female USB output 5V DC
  • Size (inc case) -  176mm x 270mm x 10mm
  • Weight – 340g
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