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Merino Glove

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This glove is made in our Tech Merino, a blend of merino and polyester, which is light and soft next to the skin and a great insulator. The fit is streamlined and snug with smart tip forefinger and thumb. Ideal for chilly days. Runners love our Tech Merino fabric, which is our merino and polyester blend products. Merino is light and soft next to the skin. It’s very good at regulating your body temperature. The density and crimp of the fibres traps air and keeps you warm. Also, natural anti-microbial properties of merino wool make it odour resistant. We then combine this natural wonder fibre with polyester in a 50/50 blend, which gives us several advantages over and above 100% merino for running products: • Lighter fabric weight with more stretch • Better wicking • Quicker drying • Higher strength and increased abrasion resistance for better durability


  • Regulite fabric featuring merino blend
  • Smart-tips - use your mobile device with ease
  • Naturally odour wicking
  • Lightweight, breathable & quick drying
  • Soft hand feel
  • Embroidered branding
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