Trekmates® [trek - meyts] Europe’s leading provider of Outdoor Adventure Accessories was formed in Nottingham, England in 1997 and is now one of the leading providers of outdoor adventure accessories in the world.

Trekmates® design, manufacture and market a range of outdoor accessories and clothing designed around three core attributes; innovation, quality and price. Their Flameless Cook System is one of the leading outdoor non flame meal preparation and cooking products on the market today.

Torridon Gaiters
£15.00 £25.00
Pole Bag
£4.50 £6.00
Wanderer Pole
£10.00 £20.00
Lite Daypack
£12.00 £24.00
Fire Lantern
£17.50 £35.00
Flame Lantern
£15.00 £30.00
Helvellyn DRY
£10.00 £15.00
Stuff Bag
£5.00 £7.00
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