Vivid Compression Sock - Fluorescent Yellow

£11.00 £18.00

Compression and visibility


Improved blood-flow helps flush lactic acid during and post off-road training and racing. Bright fluorescent colours help you been seen to other road users.

  • Bright floro colours
  • Gradiated compression in leg
  • Mid-level cushioning
  • Vented upper

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£11.00 £18.00
Socks For Runners

Designed for comfort. Refined for performance. Over tarmac, turf and trail. Founded in 1991 by running legend, Dr. Ron Hill, we make socks that go the distance so you can too. But enough reading. Let’s start running. With every last fibre.

Size Guide

Size USA Men USA Women
Small (S) 4-6.5 5-7.5
Medium (M) 7-9.5 8-10.5
Large (L) 10-12.5
Extra Large (XL) 13-14