Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a casual walker, having the right waterproof jacket is essential. Even when the skies are clear, there’s no guarantee things will stay that way. And when the weather turns, a good-quality jacket will keep you dry and snug.

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If you’re in tough conditions, a waterproof jacket can be lifesaving. When you’re at a high altitude or in a wintery environment, getting soaked to the skin can be dangerous, especially if there’s nowhere to go and dry off. Even if it’s the middle of summer and the day is toasty, getting drenched can still be pretty annoying.

With the right waterproof jacket, you’ll be ready for anything the weather throws at you. From hiking in thunderstorms to getting up close and personal with waterfalls, your adventures have never been easier – or drier.

Magic Mountain stock a wide range of women’s waterproof jackets and coats, including a selection made from innovative technical materials like Gore-Tex and Drilite. Discover a variety of styles from best-selling brands such as Mountain Equipment and Sprayway. Read less